Max-Megan Pt. 02

It was over an hour until the bedroom door opened again. I had heard the chat from the kitchen. I had watched the clock click over the minutes. I had looked outside at the world going by. I had finally wiped the cum off my face with tissues because the smell had gotten too much. I waited and i came down from my sexual high and i fretted. "What the actual fuck was i doing here? I was still dressed in my sister's underwear and waiting for her boyfriend. And... And... I wasn't gay," I told myself.

I knew i wasn't attracted to Tony. I had seen a young woman walk down the street and i was instantly drawn to her sexiness: her bum in her tight pants, the sway of her hips, the bulge in the front of her top. I then sat there for a good five minutes deconstructing my thoughts. Did i fancy her? Was she sexy in that way? Didn't I just want to be her? At least have some of the assets that she had? Wasn't that it really? And if i did just want to have her looks then surely having a man want me and find me attractive like that was a natural consequence. It made me straight, not gay: either way I still wasn't attracted to men in general not to Tony specifically. That said, I was still waiting here, for him. I threw my arms in the air then and thought "fuck if i know."

When the door opened and Tony came in, I stood up shyly.

I stood there, gawping, as he quickly undressed and i watched his cock swelling and thickening before my eyes. "Oh, my actual Lord," I thought. I even found myself chewing my lower lip as i watched it getting erect.

"Now, Megan, where were we?" Tony said, laughing. He had his hands on his hips. "Don't you want to come over here, Megan?" he asked me. I looked at him and i just nodded, simple as that. "Good. Come here then. Kneel and get to work."

I padded over and knelt down, placing my hands on his thighs to steady me. I lent forwards and hesitated a moment before i kissed his cock head. Within half a minute i was wanking him purposefully whilst kissing and licking and sucking him. He made some lovely noises, showing his appreciation of my efforts. This honestly thrilled me and i re-doubled my efforts for him. I tasted his pre-cum and liked that. I was eager to please him and i wanted him to cum in my mouth this time.

He thrust a few times to the back of my throat and i retched and gagged and my eyes watered and i baulked at it... it was unnatural for me. He seemed to like the noises i made though as he responded with positive noises of his own.

He pulled away, finally and left me on my knees with my mouth aching from the work. I looked up at him them, wondering what he wanted.

"Get on the edge of the bed. No, sit on it. Now lie back" I obeyed, suddenly unsure.

I heard him (or sensed him) kneel and then he was running his hands up and down my smooth legs and on to my feet. His hands rode up my legs again and pressed on my stomach, moving higher. I lay there, my arms over my face, hiding myself as much as possible as he pushed my bra up, exposing my little nipples.

He began rubbing them and pulling them softly. He rubbed them between his finger and thumb and i became entranced with the feelings. I had never touched myself there, ever. My nipples were not a sexual location for me but now, Tony was rubbing and squeezing and my own cock was suddenly rock hard in answer. I was amazed. To be honest, i was loving having someone spend time on my body, teasing it and making it respond.

Tony moved his hands down my torso again and he slipped a hand inside my knickers and he slid his fingers down the side of my cock, ignoring it but rubbing my groin. I twisted my hips and opened my legs slightly for him and he rubbed me under my balls like i had a pussy.

I had no idea what that was supposed to feel like but his rubbing of me there felt wonderful and i was moaning and twisting and twitching at his touch.

"You like all this, don't you" he asked me. A silly question, by my reactions over the past few minutes but i replied with a stuttering yes as my arms still covered my eyes and my mouth in equal measure.

"Just relax," he said and i felt his fingertip brush across my arsehole. I bucked suddenly at that and i truly marvelled at my body's response to a few slight touches. I thought then that this must be what a woman goes through when her body is touched and caressed. I knew then that i loved it. I groaned anew as Tony played around my arse, rubbing a finger over my sphincter and pressing softly. Whilst it felt lovely, it was also pretty rough.

Things changed when Tony spat and i guessed then that he had saliva on his fingers because his touch became a lot smoother and his finger had easier access to me. He was still teasing me, rubbing and swirling around my hole but occasionally his finger dipped inside me slightly and i responded to that with little thrusts of my own.

"That's it baby. Learn to respond. Work your arse on my finger. Are you ready?" He asked.

I had no idea what i was supposed to be ready for but i said yes anyway and he pushed a finger inside me and then out again. I sighed and pushed myself on to him, moving on my own now, eagerly in response to his own movements.

My hands moved to my arse cheeks and i gripped them, pulling them apart. I drew my knees up too so that my legs hung limply in the air as he finger fucked me for the first time.

I was in Heaven with that. My whole body was switched on to his finger inside me and it made me ache so much. I was moving in time to his thrusts and my breathing was deep and hard. I found myself not only moaning and groaning but saying any old cheesy shit that i had no control over.

He was laughing at me (in a good-natured way) and i realised i was so horny and happy at that moment.

"Right then, here goes." Tony said as he left me and stood up. I was looking up at him full of eagerness with my hands still holding my arse cheeks.

"That's it Megan, stay there, like that." He spat into his palm and then rubbed the saliva along me, making me very wet. He came close to me, holding his cock in his right hand and pressed the head of his cock against my sphincter. I felt it. It pressed and i resisted. "Don't fight it Megan or it will hurt" he told me. As much as i wanted this, i was still a man that three hours ago had no experience of another man at all, even in thought and now Tony had his cock urging against me. I closed my eyes and tried to relax more and i could feel the pressure of Tony's push.

Then, something gave and i felt him enter me to about the foreskin depth I guess. There was no pain at all and then he slid fully into me and i felt his balls slap my arse. His weight bared down on me and i was pinned to the bed by him. I could not move and i did not want to. I wanted to savour him inside me. He slipped out fully with an audible pop and i uttered a soft "oh" at that then a louder groan as he pushed his way back into me. I responded then with a febrile push of my hips forwards to meet his thrust and he said "That's it Megan, work your arse. Push on to me. Yes... just like that. Ahhhhh, you bitch" he cried out as i pushed hard down on to him and sheathed him fully inside me.

He began to fuck me then, holding my thighs open and pressed against my belly. My lower legs were bouncing in the air and i was watching them, in a state of distraction. I moved them then on to his lower back and pressed my heels in to him, pulling him somewhat to me. I was enjoying it. A hell of a lot!

He was crouched over me, fully inside me then pulled out then driving back inside me with me basically wrapped around him. "look at yourself in the mirror" he growled at me and i turned my head on the bed to look sideways into the long mirror and i watched him over me as he thrust in and out and i looked at me me responding to those movement, wrapped so happily around him.

"Do it baby," i breathed then in his ear. "Fuck me baby. Cum for me baby. Cum inside me. I want to feel you cum."

He growled so much then and pressed me hard to the bed as he fucked me hard and harder still for a good 20 seconds before he rammed into me and shot his load deep inside me. I felt it inside me and i do believe i cooed at that and held him tightly and basically hung from him as he thrust his cum inside me.

Gradually, his thrusts stopped and we just collapsed together, with him on top of me.

"Fucking hell," he whispered in my ear then. "What a fucking good fuck that was. You were amazing" he said. I smiled at that, swooning in the after glow of the moment. I still hadn't come but boy was i feeling so good, nevertheless.;u=10598


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