Fae & Maza Ch. 01


Fae looked longingly at Maza. Maza, the tall muscled green orc, was bound tight on her back in the middle of their bed. Her thick calves were pulled up against her sides, lifting up the green plaid schoolgirl skirt. Above that, her torso was barely contained by a long sleeve white button-up blouse, sheer enough to let Fae see the pink AA bra underneath, as well as the dark bush of air under her armpits. Her wrists were secured against the bedposts with bondage rope. She was gagged with her own pink lace panties, wearing a pair of large black-rimmed glasses and her long obsidian black hair was done up in two pigtails. Her large dick was still restrained within the confines of the huge metallic chastity cage, which was framed by a remarkable bush of shiny black pubic hair. Maza looked back at the much smaller human, her eyes focused intently on the massive strapon hanging from Fae's crotch.

Fae slathered some more lube over the red silicon cock, which at 14 inches long was slightly bigger than Maza's foot-long green dick would be if it wasn't locked up. He was wearing a matching pair of wide black-rimmed glasses. His dirty blond hair was done in a short ponytail behind his head and he was wearing just a smidge of makeup, enough to amplify his thick luscious lips and his piercing blue eyes. He wore tight blue bloomers that barely covered half of his large bubble butt and a white t-shirt that clung close to his fit torso, showing off his hard erect pierced nipples.

He hopped onto the bed and brought the tip of his massive toy against the orc's hairy puffy butthole and locked eyes with her. There was tenderness in their stare as Fae blew a kiss towards his girlfriend and winked, before pushing the toy against her asshole.

Maza moaned into her panty-gag as she felt the huge dildo entering her. Fae started thrusting back and forth inside her, reaching far within her guts, hitting her sensitive spots within. Maza hadn't orgasmed in weeks at that point, her dick strained against the thick metal bars of her cage and her balls were bloated and sensitive.

Fae thrusted back and forth, thoroughly fucking his girlfriend's ass while groping her waist. Fae's own dick was hard as a rock and leaking precum profusely against her bloomers, but at four inches it barely reached beyond the dildo's big fake scrotum.

"Will you be a good girl and cum for me today?" he asked, watching her closely to see her reaction.

Her eyes would've turned into heart-shapes if they could, but Fae could clearly see the flushing cheeks of the orc as she blushed and nodded, moaning into the gag.

Fae kept fucking her until she started shaking against her restraints and emitting high-pitched sounds through the fabric blocking her mouth. Fae looked down in time to see the huge green balls beating like hearts, followed soon-after by a fountain of thick white jizz exiting the caged green cock. Because of the chastity cage, it flowed out slowly and unevenly, but there was still an awful lot of sperm coming out, covering her dick, her balls and staining Fae's bloomers. He went balls deep inside her and pulled on the waistband of his short shorts, allowing excessive amounts of sticky orc-seed to flow inside his clothes, completely drowning his underwear and then running down his legs.

"Good girl." He grabbed the orc's balls as he said that, causing her to jump and twitch. Her eyes were rolled over and her whole body went limp way before her dick was done spewing its load.


Maza woke up feeling replenished and with a huge grin. She looked down to see her boyfriend asleep on top of her, his head nudged on her breasts. He looked so small and gentle when he slept.

It took a few seconds for the orc to get her bearings and remember last night. The whole room reeked of orc cum, which turned her on a little. She had faint rope marks on her wrists and knees and was still wearing the slutty schoolgirl uniform, while Fae was still wearing the gym-class uniform. She realized she had fallen asleep not too long after her three-weeks-built orgasm, and Fae must've untied her. His shorts and underwears were still drenched with her thick cum, and knowing her boyfriend had a huge cum fetish, she assumed he had probably jerked off in his bloomers a few times before falling asleep on top of her, mixing a tiny amount of his own cum with hers.

She grabbed her phone and saw that it was 8h15 AM on a sunday.

She kissed him on the forehead and gently dropped him off to her side so she could get up. The skirt, blouse and bra were thrown in the basket of dirty clothes as she got into the shower, wearing nothing but the metal cage between her legs.

With water running down her skin, she couldn't help but wonder how long it would be until she would be allowed to cum again.

"Babe! You didn't wake me up!"

Maza wiped up a window in the fogged up glass panel of the shower, allowing her to see her cute little boyfriend standing in the door frame of the bathroom.

Fae approached the shower, still wearing the tight gym uniform despite the bulge of drying cum around her crotch and hips. He dipped his fingers in the bloomers, scooping up a handful of orc cum, which he licked while pulling down the shorts with the other hand. With a finger still in between his lips, he looked up at Maza, who blushed and looked down.

Fae joined her in the shower, still wearing the white shirt and white cotton panties. At 5-foot 2-inches, Fae's mouth was about at the same height as the 8-foot 3-inches tall orc's bellybutton. As soon as he stepped under the water, the thick cum in his panties and along his legs started running towards the drain.

Maza, her body already rubbed up with vanilla and lavender-scented soap kneeled down to allow her boyfriend to wash her hair. She kept her hands posed on her knees like a good girl, despite the urge to grope Fae's ample rump and thighs.

"I love your hair so much babe. I could spend all day just running my fingers through it."

"And I would probably let you, I love feeling your hands on my head."

Fae pushed Maza's head backward so he could give her a big sloppy kiss, all while his fingers kept gently rubbing her scalp.

After rinsing her hair, he told her to keep kneeling and the orc felt that she knew what would come next. He lifted her right arm and stuck his face right into the bush of armpit hair, which she hadn't thoroughly cleaned yet. It wasn't the first time he had done that, but every time it made her blush. The shame of having her stinking pit huffed deeply for her partner's sexual pleasure always made her feel both horny and embarrassed.

She brought her large green hand between Fae's buttcheeks, her index finger slipping under the wet panties and towards Fae's butthole. It was warm, hairless and a bit slippery. He must have lubed himself up before stepping into the bathroom.

With his nose full of orcish armpit hair and a thick finger going up inside his ass, Fae started jerking his small cock, moaning into his big girlfriend's pit until he inevitably came, a small dribble of cum getting caught in his panties.

They kissed lovingly under the stream of water and finished cleaning. Then they shaved their legs together.

"Are you sure you don't want me to shave my pits?" asked Maza.

For a response, Fae just looked at her with a horrified look.

"I- I'm kidding, babe I'm kidding!"

"Feeling bratty today, aren't you?"

"Ah! No I'm not! I know you love my hairy pits."

"Well I do absolutely adore the smell and touching it, but above all..."

He motioned his hands upwards, with a glimmer in his eyes. He didn't need to tell her what to do, as Maza sheepishly lifted her arms and placed her hands behind her head, looking away.

"Elbows higher, and look at me."

Maza lifted her elbows higher, showing the full size of her armpit bushes, then looked Fae in the eyes while her cheeks flushed bright red.

"Wow. So big. So... coarse." Fae fingered the thick black hair, causing her girlfriend to blush harder.

"What a dirty girl, you must stink so bad when you exercise."

"But! You-"


Maza closed her mouth, her lips trembling. She eyed Fae carefully. He was so much smaller than her, each of her thick muscled arms almost wider than both of his soft plump thighs put together. She could pick him up and throw him across the street like it was nothing and his dick was so small it barely made a tent in his panties when he was erect. And yet, one word from him and she was wrapped around his finger like a submissive schoolgirl kneeling down in tears below a nun with a spanking paddle.

"What I love, above all, is how embarrassed you get about it."

The blushing orc whimpered softly.

"... Good girl."

Maza couldn't suppress a satisfied grin.

"At ease girl."

She lowered her arms and crossed them across her chest. As Fae stepped out of the shower, draping a towel around his hair and another around his body, Maza couldn't help but watch him walk, his big booty swaying alluringly.

"I'm gonna go get dressed," he announced.

Maza nodded and stood up, then went to the bathroom counter as Fae walked out of the room. She plugged in her hair dryer and turned it on, mostly to give her boyfriend some time. After all the things they had done together, he had still never been fully nude with her. On their second date when he had told her that he was a never-nude, she had taken it as a joke, but she quickly realized he wasn't kidding. It was odd, she thought, considering how perverted and degenerate he was, or, well, both of them were, but she had quickly accepted his quirk.

She was almost done drying her hair when he came into the room wearing a pair of loose grey sweatpants and a tight sleeveless grey shirt.

He joined her in front of the mirror, placed a hand gently on her hip and for a moment they both stared at each other while smiling.













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